Costa Rica is a great place to live...

It is characterized by its stable economic, social and democratic political structure. Water is potable almost everywhere, the telecommunications system is the best in Central America and the family unit is very strong.

A neutral country whose high educational standards, free health care and a consolidated system designed to protect its incredible ecological diversity, make Costa Rica a unique country in our world today.

'Ticos' as Costa Ricans are known, pride themselves in sharing the beauty of their land with visitors and know how to make you feel at home.

There are approximately four million people in the country with about half living in the Central Valley, which incorporates the capital, San Jose.

The primary international airport, 'Juan SantamarĂ­a', is located 11.8 miles (19 km) northwest of San Jose.

Approximately 14.9 miles (24 km) further west of the airport is the small, agricultural town of 'Atenas' established in 1833.

According to a National Geographic study, Atenas is the best climate in the world. It is a charming town with all the necessary services along with internet cafes, restaurants for every taste and a gourmet store.

Artists from North America and Europe call Atenas home! Also, it is only a 45 minute drive to some beautiful Central Pacific beaches.

Finca Hermosa is approximately 3 miles (5 km) from Atenas center in an area called 'San Francisco de Atenas'.

It is privately situated at the base of tropical cul-de-sac. It has good road access, electric power, water and two established telephone lines.

The property sits at as approximately 2625 feet (800 meters) above sea level and covers 19 acres (7.69 hectares or 76,900 square meters).

The road inside the property winds past an existing three bedroom residence built in 2003 designed to be in harmony with nature and could be comfortably occupied by the owner while building their dream home at the incredibly scenic top of the 'mountain'.

There is an elaborate water and electrical system that features a water tank with 23.775 gallons of capacity and the finca's own transformer with power for 10 home sites.

The property also has a recently refurbished warehouse for tools and equipment.

As you traverse 'Finca Hermosa' you will see stands of exotic hardwood trees, various endemic fruit trees and unmatched views of the unspoiled western region of the Central Mountain Valley.

You may see toucans among many species of birds and a family of monkeys passing by.

You have found paradise!